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    29 Sep 2017

    This Way WP Full Video/Image Background with Audio

    This Way WordPress Theme is designed with HTML5 &
    CSS3. Fullscreen Image & Fullscreen Video Background with
    Audio support.

    Awesome JQuery animated effect. Twitter feeds and social media
    links. Easy customization. Blog and Portfolio with filter.

    And you can find its site template version from this link

    General Features:

    • Audio support

    • Ajax Content Loading

    • 4 columns design options

    • Portfolio filter

    • Contact form validation

    • Deeplink Support

    • Twitter feeds

    • Valid HTML

    • Pretty photo lightbox

    • 650+ Google fonts

    • Google map

    • Button and special elements support

    • PSD & Fireworks layered PNG Files

    • Video help documents

    • Wordpress v4.6 and earlier versions compatible


    You can ON / OFF:
    • Twitter Widget

    • Thumbnail Sidebar

    • Audio Controller

    • Background Controller

    • Background Pattern

    • Share Icons

    You can set:

    • Content, Header and H1 to H6 Font Size

    • Background Image Effect (fade or Ken Burns)

    • Front Page (can be set or can be empty)

    • Background Change (automatic or manuel)

    • Audio (auto play or manuel play)

    • Audio (loop or next)

    • Background Image Duration

    You can change:

    • Menu Opener and Closer Text

    • Footer Text

    • Logo and Favicon

    • Header and Content fonts can be chosen through 650+
      different Google Web Fonts



    Really thanks for finding a solution and for the fast work.
    Since I bought this theme I love it and more the technical
    support, for SURE, I’m going to spread the word.

    Excellent Work and Support.

    – Agustin Tash

    Keep in contact for new updates !

    Update v1.7.5 – 26 Feb 2016

    • Background gallery issue fixed


    • Dummy_content file updated

    Update v1.6.2 – 02 Dec 2013

    • Uploadify plugin has been removed and theme is more secure

    • Vimeo bug has been fixed

    • Portfolio Filter bug has been fixed

    Update v1.5.2 – 21 Nov 2013

    • Video Item bug in Filtered Portfolio has been fixed

    • Permalink bug has been fixed

    • Redirection bug has been fixed

    Update v1.5.0 – 12 Nov 2013

    • Timthumb script has been removed

    • WPThumb plugin has been added

    • Uploadify security bug has been fixed

    • Audio manager bug has been fixed

    • Quicksand bug has been fixed

    • wp_mail support has been added (optional)

    Update v1.4.0 – 13 July 2013

    • Please deactive and remove Ajax Comment Plugin

    • Twitter api v1.1 has been integrated

    • Google fonts update feature has been added

    • Double comment problem has been fixed

    • Upload module of the Settings Image Manager has been fixed

    Update v1.3.0 – 25 January 2013

    • Fixed with wordpress 3.5

    • Background image sorting problems

    Update v1.2 – 14 May 2012

    • Ipad and Iphone scrolling improvements

    • Background image stretching is now optional

    • You can disable “Video Auto Play”

    • Right thumbnail bar scrolling problem is fixed

    • Images now can be attached to multiple categories

    • “Menu Always Opened” mode is added

    • Closing page function is added

    • Analytics improvements

    • Character escaping problem is fixed

    • Google Map problem is fixed

    • Social sharing improvements

    • Contact form problem is fixed

    • Update notifier is added

    Update v1.1.3 – 22 December 2011 // New

    • Sort ajax Url Supported

    • Pagenavi Plugin Updated

    • Return to Home Function Fixed

    Update v1.1.2 – 17 December 2011 // New

    • SEO: Optimized (According to Crawable Ajax documentations
      by Google)

    • Enhanced with Youtube and Vimeo API (BG video pause and

    Minor updates

    Fixed issues

    • Footer Link

    • Sidebar thumb aspect ratio


    Image, video, sound etc. files that were used in preview are
    not included in download file. All audio that used in galleries
    as an example from brandtz used with his permission. I am
    appreciated for his help. Download package does not include
    audio files. However you can purchase it from brandtz [3]

    Get in touch with us

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    This Way Full Video / Image Background with Audio Site Template

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