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    29 Sep 2017

    Daisho - Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme

    Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative
    professionals and companies looking for a minimal and
    professional look. Flexible and responsive presentation, smooth
    navigational flow and clutter-free approach. Put your works in
    focus. The definitive portfolio solution for creative
    professionals available now.

    Demo Versions


    Mobile Demo


    Major Features

    • Portfolio display with category filter

    • Two homepage modes – Daisho Grid and Classic Homepage

    • LayerSlider included ($15 value)

    • Visual Composer included ($28 value)

    • Multi-category projects

    • Present Identity, Motion, Web, Print, Photo projects and

    • YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, HTML5 videos
      (and more) support

    • News section (page[1] /

    • About Us section

    • Services section

    • Our Team section

    • Blog

    • Ability to create any other pages with custom layouts

    • Contact form 7 support

    • Social sharing

    • SEO optimized

    • Localization ready

    • WPML ready

    • WPMU compatible

    • WooCommerce compatible

    • Responsive Behaviors

    • iPhone/iPad/Android compatible

    • Upload projects quickly & efficiently

    The Future is Here

    • Responsive behavior on any display

    • Adaptive scaling – 300ppi
      screen support & Apple Retina display
      support now

    • Various input options – control your
      experience however you like

    • Smooth flash-like experience on various

    • WordPress Embeds support

    Other Features

    • Unbranded options panel

    • Automatic image resizing

    • Text logo and tagline

    • Image logo (including SVG logos)

    • Extensive documentation

    • PSD included

    • 100% valid HTML5

    • CSS3 animations

    • Compatible with the newest WordPress and IE, Edge, Chrome,
      Firefox, Safari and Opera

    • Threaded comments support

    • Comments with avatars support

    • Multiple portfolios support

    • “Browse Projects in Selected Category” mode

    • “Hide First/Last Arrows” mode

    • Sidebars for Posts and Pages

    What Others Are Saying

    Awesome style!
    - Merami Nazuka

    Just want to tell you that the theme is amazing, this is the
    best one I?ve got for Themeforest so far!
    - welsh

    Hi, I really appreciate all the support you have provided and
    give a 5* rating on that alone!
    - chungadome

    Hi, great theme. Super(!)easy customization, good
    documentation, and a great responsive design. So, congrats, top
    notch work.
    - Mthad1313

    Love the design!
    - harrybrainbow

    Great theme!!!
    - martijnvanosch

    AWESOME design! I saw this in your coming soon, and have been
    really looking forward to see what it looked like live.
    - acquaphoto

    Anyone wondering what the support is like ? it?s GREAT , Flow
    went extra 10 miles to sort out my problem!
    - merdesign

    Man, some fresh air on themeforest? Amazing
    - volumens

    Flow, I have to say that you are VERY PROFESSIONAL , CREATIVE,
    AND INNOVATIVE ? You are definitely the INFLUENT WP
    Creative/Developer that I consider to follow very closely!
    CONGRATS ! Your theme is bookmarked! Don?t worry I will buy
    Konzept and Daisho for upcoming bulding projects ;-)
    - westkast

    OMG !!! I LUV IT !!!! I bought it and I don?t even know what I
    am going to use it for. Had to have it. GREAT WORK !!!!!!!
    - successmatters

    Damn!! love the concept!!! awesome work dude :)
    - pxoutline

    Totally loving this, excellent creative thinking made into a
    - divwrap

    Awesome work! GLWS Flow!
    - csspress

    Wow !! come on man, your theme is great !!!! I need to buy a
    new template for my own website and yours is perfect !
    - MusicPremium

    Love the theme!! Even though I am not looking for a portfolio
    theme, I might choose this one.
    - tomdekok

    Amazing! Love your sense for typography and creative thinking.
    - renenekuda

    Just wanted to say that this theme does rock and I appreciate
    all of the help that you have given on your help forum. I got
    it working just the way I want it. That needs to be said,
    because too many theme authors give bad service. I always check
    the comments before I buy anything to see how the designers
    respond to questions, and you have been consistently helpful
    and anyone thinking of buying this theme should know that.
    - eborg9

    I cannot let another minute go by without noting how incredible
    your support is, both here (which truly, you do NOT need to do)
    and especially on your dedicated support forum. The theme ROCKS
    but is definitely made even better by your comprehensive
    support. In just a day or two, I?m almost fully finished
    pulling together my new profile/portfolio site. You?ve earned
    yourself a very dedicated fan, Flow. -


    See how others are using Daisho. Have a
    portfolio site running Daisho? Send us a
    [3] and get

    Need Support?

    If you need support please start with the
    [4]. If you
    still need help, all support requests should be sent through
    the support
    [5]. We will
    usually get back to you within 24–72 hours. Complex issues may
    take longer.

    Current version: 3.1 (September 1, 2017)


    Big thanks to all great designers who provided preview
    content for Daisho: Guilherme Villar[6],
    Anthony Jones[8],
    Pavel Pavlov[9],
    [10], Kostadin
    [11], Sergey
    [12], Shaun
    [13], Nicola
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