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    1 Apr 2017

    Latest email scam 2017 - "Claim your gift card" email scammer

    Latest email scam 2017 - "Claim your gift card" email scammer

    email scammer don't fall for this

    so here is the latest email scam, i have been getting alot of email recently all saying similar titles such as " Dear "Name" Congratulations, you have been chosen in the finale for a giftcard for asda store" 

    They are a phishing scam  for credit card details and other vulnerable information, keep your guard up

    if you have already followed the steps given in the email i would change your details immediately 

    ‘Argos’ email

    This con, made to look like an email from Argos, has been sent out in the past three weeks, apparently offering you the chance to win a £500 prize.
    But Action Fraud has told us that the email contains two potentially malicious hyperlinks. There’s one hidden within the ‘unique code number’ and another one on the bottom of the message under ‘click here’ to unsubscribe from emails.
    The National Fraud Investigation Bureau has received more than 20 recent reports of this phishing email and although all of them were exactly the same, they were sent from different addresses, such as: kentavious@bate208.fireandfame.com; prince@textto232.concentendeavors.com or sedna@e3da34a06.findgoodtrades.com.
    The email asks you to click on a link to a £500 gift card. But, guess what? There is no gift card. If you click, the chances are that the fraudsters will ask for your bank account details in order to make the transfer, which will never arrive. DO NOT DO IT!

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