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    21 Mar 2017

    The Ultimate Guide | best Facebook apps to add to your page 2017

    Facebook apps

    best Facebook apps to add to your page 2017

    The Ultimate Guide

    10Custom Tab

    The first type of app you should consider is a custom tab, because you can use them to create so many different things. For example, you could include an image, a restaurant menu, a video, and an opt-in form on a single custom tab to basically install a mini-website on Facebook. i couldn't choose just one so here is a few ranking top to bottom

    1. Heyo
    2. Tabfoundry
    3. ShortStack
    4. Pagemodo
    5. Tabsite
    6. Static HTML 
    7. LeadPages
    8. Woobox
    9. Wishpond


    9. Contact Form Apps

    The lines between email capture forms and custom tabs are a bit blurred. You can typically create any email capture form with a custom tab, but these app providers can make the form creation a bit more seamless. here is a few alternatives.

    1. Constant Contact
    2. aWeber
    3. MailChimp


    8. Quiz and Poll Apps

    Polls can be very engaging. They can also help you gain valuable knowledge about your customers. Use these tools to better integrate your quiz or poll with your Facebook page. These will definitely increase your customer revenue. 

    1. SurveyMonkey
    2. AgoraPulse
    3. Woobox
    4. Antavo
    there is many more so i will continue to add them. 


    7. Blog or RSS feed apps

    Again, while many of the custom tab apps can bring in an RSS feed of your blog posts, these apps focus specifically on that feature:



    7. Schedule Posts automate your traffic

    These tools aren’t necessarily for automatic posting and scheduling solely to Facebook—they can also help with posting to several places at once. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HOOTSUITE

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