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    17 Mar 2017

    How to speed up computer Windows 10 (windows tutorial)

    What is included in this tutorial? 

    Ram configuration
    CPU Control

    Highly Recommended to keep your computer fast and clean! 100% Satisfaction

    Keeping your computer clean is the best way to maintain speed, this tutorial will guide you through all the steps to keep your computer running 100% 24/7, there is no hidden secrets inside this tutorial, this is for beginners and advanced users.

     I will give you step by step tutorials on how to do this with very highly detailed instructions so lets start our journey together I hope you enjoy this and you learn something new.

    Lesson 1

    Cleaning your temp files is an everyday job for all pc/laptop users 

    How to do this?

    If you press the Start key & R at the same time it should come up with a dialogue box

    You can Simply type



    Then you can simple press Ctrl, Alt & Delete 
    This will Clear all the Clutter building up in your
    machine and speed it up by 60/70%

    Lesson 2

    In this lesson we will be going over how to make the performance more reliable.

    Step 1 

    If you head to my Computer and right Click

    then head down to the bottom where it Shows
    an option named Properties, Click once

    This Will come up with all your computers
    information (Operating system, Ram, Memory, rating)

    There will be an option on your left it will be
    Advances System Settings
    Click it.

    This will come up with another Dialogue box 

    Go to the Advanced Tab then it will have 3
    different sections (e.g Performance, User
    Profiles and Startup and Recovery)
    in the performance box it will have an option
    to go to settings “click this”

    Okai, some of you may struggle a bit on this
    one but I will explain it the best I can.
    There is 4 circles at the top

    (Let windows choose what's best for my computer)
    (Adjust for best Appearance)
    (Adjust for best performance)

    You will want to click “Custom” this will allow
    you to pick what features you want on and off 
    Pick what suits you Best

    Then Click “Apply” then “Ok
    You will now notice a huge change in your
    computers speed but how about a bit faster?
    Okay follow the last step again to get back to
    Performance Options

    Then Head over to the Advanced tab

    This is so basic and what windows forgot to mention, did you know that you don't use all you Ram? You only use half per session. Why not use it all? Well from personal experience you should use all your ram! It makes your computer faster and a lot better without any lag, I will now show you how to do this the easy way.

    There is only one button to press on this page
    so click it! Press on “Change

    it will come up in a little box named “Virtual memory
    Automatically Manage paging file size for all drives

    Now you need to click on “No paging file
    Then click
    This will stop all errors!
    (e.g Crashing, loss of memory)

    Once this step is complete Click “Ok” 

    Restart Your Computer and you will see a HUGE Difference
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